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The inspiration behind this website was conceptualized from my own coaching; having trained and worked with thousands of riders across the country through our camps and clinics, and from my own personal experiences and challenges. Through both of these aspects I have come to realize that the majority of issues we as riders deal with, tend to be much more complex than a one hour fix and although we can get amazing progress in this time, the underlying problems often go much deeper. I see too many riders struggling to know how to take the next step forward without full-time access to top trainers and experts, and as a result, their confidence and ability to progress is severely impaired.


In the articles on my Blog page, I cover many of the lessons I have learnt on my journey from starting at the very bottom to competing with success at Grand Prix and World Cup height in New Zealand. These articles cover a very diverse range of equestrian topics, (including lots of videos) on ridden work, sports physiology, goal making, ground handling, turn-out tips and so much more. To sign up and to get access to these, it is just $12.99 per month!



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Latest Blog Entries


Whitakers Second Time Jumping Whitakers Second Time Jumping
How To Blog

Whitakers Second Time Jumping

By Amanda Wilson | Monday, 14 October 2019


The video below is a follow on from and shows how I progress my young horses from their first time jumping to their second time jumping. Of course, how much I do with any given horse depends on what they are ready for. Some horses need more time at the very...


Dealing With Competition Nerves Dealing With Competition Nerves
Behind the Scenes

Dealing With Competition Nerves

By Amanda Wilson | Monday, 14 October 2019
Any sport comes with a degree of pressure especially as you go up the levels, but showjumping and horse riding in general certainly take on a...


Teaching The Draw In With A Tarp Teaching The Draw In With A Tarp
How To Blog

Teaching The Draw In With A Tarp

By Amanda Wilson | Tuesday, 8 October 2019
Check out the video below for how I teach a horse to face what they are afraid of. I love this technique because you don't have to force scary...


The Trot In Exercise The Trot In Exercise
How To Blog

The Trot In Exercise

By Amanda Wilson | Friday, 27 September 2019
I've done a previous video on the 'Trot In' exercise, but I thought I would do a refresher and show you a couple of 'correct'...


Teaching A Horse How To Use Their Bodies Better Teaching A Horse How To Use Their Bodies Better
How To Blog

Teaching A Horse How To Use Their Bodies Better

By Amanda Wilson | Tuesday, 17 September 2019
This exercise is a carry on from and...