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The inspiration behind this website was conceptualized from my own coaching; having trained and worked with thousands of riders across the country through our camps and clinics, and from my own personal experiences and challenges. Through both of these aspects I have come to realize that the majority of issues we as riders deal with, tend to be much more complex than a one hour fix and although we can get amazing progress in this time, the underlying problems often go much deeper. I see too many riders struggling to know how to take the next step forward without full-time access to top trainers and experts, and as a result, their confidence and ability to progress is severely impaired.


Although our family started at the very bottom we have always been open to learning and as a result I grew up in a very supportive family that I was able to turn to when things went wrong. Most people, however, are often on their own when it comes to issues arising and it can be daunting to know what advice to take or what to do next. In the following Blogs and How To's, I am going to share with you the things that have worked for me and my family. Of course, we are still learning, but after owning over 500 horses, breaking in our own horses, training wild horses and having competed to World Cup Show Jumping level, we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.

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What To Do When Everything Falls Apart What To Do When Everything Falls Apart
Behind the Scenes

What To Do When Everything Falls Apart

By Amanda Wilson | Saturday, 18 May 2019
With horses, it is inevitable that at some stage in your career things are going to go drastically wrong. Perhaps that might come about by something in your personal life that takes away your precious time with your horses and the goals you had made together, or maybe it is caused by an injury to your horse or yourself, a sudden loss of...


How To Plait The European Way How To Plait The European Way
How To Blog

How To Plait The European Way

By Amanda Wilson | Sunday, 12 May 2019
Check out the video below showing you how I plait the European way. This is a newer plaiting method that is used a lot in top-level competition...


Run Your Own Race Run Your Own Race
General Blog

Run Your Own Race

By Amanda Wilson | Friday, 3 May 2019
I think a lot of people struggle with this issue and that is of comparing themselves to someone else’s story. We compare how we ride, the...


Do You Have A Strong Position Or A Weak Position? Do You Have A Strong Position Or A Weak Position?
How To Blog

Do You Have A Strong Position Or A Weak Position?

By Amanda Wilson | Monday, 22 April 2019
This is such a good test to try at home! Ultimately you want to practise this on the ground (by resuming a 'riding' position with your...