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About Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson is currently one of New Zealand’s top show jumping riders, competing to Grand Prix and World Cup level on her large team of show jumpers. She has a passion for starting and producing young horses up the levels and has earned a reputation for her keen eye for a good horse and her gentle yet effective approach in developing horses for top level competition.


Showtym Viking first brought Amanda into the public eye by winning the 2010 Show Jumping Pony of the Year, before measuring up to a horse at the height of 149cm and going on to win many Young Rider and Grand Prix classes to 1.50m. More recently, Amanda has produced Showtym Cassanova to success at Grand Prix and World Cup level - the duo has won and placed consistently at the highest level, including top finishes in the 2015 and 2016 Olympic Cup, one of the most prestigious show jumping classes in Australasia.


Since 2012, alongside her two older sisters Vicki and Kelly, Amanda has also become widely known for her work with wild horses, having tamed and worked with wild horses around the world. The Wilson Sisters made their reality television debut with their top-rated series Keeping up with the Kaimanawas in 2015, which has been followed by two documentaries filmed by Amanda, and seven best-selling books written by middle sister Kelly.


Amanda also has a passion for coaching, having worked with thousands of riders across the country and enjoys helping riders develop confidence as well as great and success from grass-roots to Grand Prix level.




“We have found Amanda to be an exceptional trainer, she is committed and brings alot of knowledge to her lessons. Her teaching style works, we came to Amanda in need of a tune up and her training methods have been invaluable to help us where we are at today. She has alot to offer as a trainer and her dedication to supporting her riders is commendable.” - Kriste


“Amanda has taken my daughter from a very anxious young rider to a very confident, strong and happy rider. Amanda has instilled solid foundations with both flat work and jumping, this has ensured Mackie has all the tools she needs when she is competing. It has also enabled Mackie to be more 'free and relaxed' when riding, this has unlocked a lot of personal boundary pushing - jumping over a 1mtr bare back while doing angel wings, and more recently bringing on her 4 year old (green) pony. I truely believe without Amanda's guidance, passion and ability to relate and teach at all levels that Mackie would not be the confident rider she is today. Thanks so much for all your help Amanda.” - Trudi


“Amanda Wilson has coached my daughter for the last three years, helping improve her riding in myriad ways. Amanda's dedication to understanding the horse's point of view, both in the ring and in the paddock, is impressive and has been invaluable to us. Her ability to explain the 'whys' behind position and technique has helped distill my daughter's bravery and enthusiasm, encouraging her transition from a kid who wants to 'go fast and jump high' into a far more technical, calm and able rider. On a personal level, Amanda makes every lesson fun (in fact she makes every interaction fun!). She has more recently taught my younger son, and won herself yet another dedicated fan, with her good humour, patience and kindness. She has that enviable knack of being able to relate to anyone and put them at ease. I have every confidence in Amanda's ability as a coach and mentor, and sincerely hope she will continue to guide my daughter throughout the years ahead as she progresses through her competitive showjumping career.” - Rebecca Mellor


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