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My 'Way Of The Horse' Journey!

My 'Way Of The Horse' Journey!


I am SO excited to have been accepted into the 'Way of the Horse' competition at Equitana this year!

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By Amanda Wilson | Sunday, 4 August 2019

Ever since watching Vicki compete for the first time at Road to the Horse in Lexington, USA where she took the World Championships in 2017, I have dreamed of competing in a competition like that! Road to the Horse is a three-day competition where competitors are given an unhandled horse to start and break-in in just a few hours and it is honestly mind-blowing what these top competitors can achieve in such a short amount of time.   


Not long after watching Vicki take the win in 2017, I was at Equitana in Auckland watching New Zealanders and Australians battle it out for the 'Way of the Horse' competition, a similar competition run where competitors trained unhandled warmbloods in front of a massive crowd and it was there that I decided that I was going to apply for the next competition in 2019! While I was in Europe this winter I got the email to say I had been accepted! 


2017 'Way of the Horse' WINNER – TUI TEKA


This sort of competition is SO inspiring to me as it showcases such a diverse range of horsemanship and is so educational and to be involved in it is a dream come true. I have been starting horses since I was fifteen years old and I have, of course, watched and worked with Vicki who has started hundreds and gone on to win two World Championships. My training method has also been largely influenced by middle sister Kelly, who since training countless wild horses, has developed the most amazing and effective technique for producing quick results and very happy, relaxed horses.


I have been in full preparation for WOTH since arriving back from Europe. At the moment I am starting client horses as well as a few of my own youngstock. 


For more information on Way of the Horse which is run at Equitana in Auckland on 21-24th November, check out






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