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Product Of The Month!

Product Of The Month!


For over a decade we have fed Coprice feeds and the results, in terms of our horse's health, condition and performance, has been incredible. Coprice is a rice-based product (meaning it contains no grain) made in Australia and it boasts some of the best nutritional benefits of any feed on the market.  

Product Of The Month
By Amanda Wilson | Tuesday, 5 June 2018

We were first introduced to Coprice when my Dad made it a goal to talk to everyone at Horse of the Year show many years ago about sponsorship (unbeknownst to us!). Dad can talk the hind leg off a donkey and he ended up having a rather in-depth conversation with the Coprice team who were over from Australia (for many hours I am told) about his three daughters and their team of showjumpers. Well, Coprice came on board as a part of the team a little while later, and we have fed it ever since.  



Vicki, Kelly and I have been very particular about the brands we associate ourselves with because we think it is very important that we endorse products that really work and that we believe in and I can honestly not speak highly enough of Coprice. We pride ourselves on having our horses looking good and make it a priority to ensure that they always come out into the new season looking well muscled and conditioned and Coprice makes it so easy for us.


In the evenings, our competition horses usually get a x1 kilo feed scoop of Coprice Performer, 1 1/2 cups of Coprice High Joule and red clover chaff. Our lighter type horses also get a feed in the mornings of x1 kilo scoop of Performer as well as chaff.


Our TeamWS stallion Carpaccio TWS BEFORE AND AFTER with Coprice Feeds

There are two types of carbohydrates that horses can consume. Structural carbohydrates are ones that come from forage and roughage (such as hay, baleage, grass and also includes Rice feeds (aka Coprice ) and generally take 2-3 days to be digested and processed in the horse's hindgut. Simple carbohydrates coming from feeds like grains are broken down and absorbed in a few hours, resulting in sugar highs and lows that can affect horse behaviour.


Grain feeds, which is what most brands of feed are made of, are primarily made up of starch, sugars and simple carbohydrates which, to be utilized properly, needs to be absorbed through the horses small intestine. If a horse consumes it's feed to quickly or they are given a big feed (anywhere over 2kg of feed) than the grain will be passed into the hindgut without being fully absorbed. This can cause issues to the horse's natural fermentation process and can lead to issues such as ulcers, colic, tying up and laminitis as well as behavioural issues.


Ballarat, our wild Australian brumby BEFORE AND AFTER on Coprice Feeds.

Because Coprice is rice-based, the feed does not have these issues and so, as a result, we have never encountered any tying up, laminitis or colic from our feed programme and last year when we had ten of our horse's scoped for ulcers they were all clean which is pretty amazing considering it is estimated that 90% of horses have some degree of ulcers. 


The Coprice team themselves have become a part of the family and we love our catch-ups at shows and events! They are so amazing to deal with and their feed products speak for themselves. 





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Helen Gillespie

My 13year old Grand daughter feeds her 22year old stand bred pony 3/4 of a ice cream pottle twice a day of Coprice senior and she looks great all year round. No one ever believes how old she is. Had tried other feeds but Coprice has had the best results by far. She mixes it with damp chaff and her pony loves it - nearly licks the container clean.

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