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Treating Mudfever!

Treating Mudfever!

Mud fever is the nightmare of all leg issues. I've had terrible cases over the years and tried almost everything in the book to try and combat it. Last year I had a horse who had mud fever for 8 months. We treated him with everything including medical treatments and still it did not go away. Then at a camp last year, we were given some K Willow Powder from I used the powder three times on that particular horse and it was completely healed within two weeks. 

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By Amanda Wilson | Thursday, 7 June 2018

The pinto that I use in the video below has sensitive skin and very white legs! So he is more prone to getting mud fever and rain scald than most. After treating him with K Willow powder it was noticeably improved within days and now a couple of weeks later it is all gone and I only put it on three times.


Whilst in the video I do use medical cream to soften the scabs, emu oil or manuka cream etc is just as effective. This cream was applied once as shown in the video and I just used the K Willow powder for the following two treatments. We were prescribed this cream by the vets for my other horse with terrible mud fever. It did make some improvements but the mud fever kept coming back. K Willow powder is the most effective treatment I have found so far with very little work required and no discomfort to the horse to put it on. You don't even need to touch the sore areas once the scabs are off. It is the only treatment that has completely taken the mudfever away with no extra treatments needed. The horse I talk about in the video was also treated for very mild mud fever at the same time following terrible weather and his is completely gone now too. 


DAY 3 of treatment



Three weeks later! He was treated with K Willow powder x3 days (once each day for the first three days) and has been turned out in a muddy paddock since and his legs are completely healed. 





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