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What Is The Formula?

What Is The Formula?


I discovered the formula for my own riding and for those riders I coach across the country, a little over two years ago and have been developing it ever since. At first, it was an experiment to see how I could get better results with my horses but now it is much more than that. It is solid proven research that has completely changed everything for me and I cannot wait to share this with you in coming articles! In all the coaching I have ever had in my career, none have ever taught what I am about to share with you so I hope it opens your eyes to a whole new level of riding and management with your own horses.

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By Amanda Wilson | Saturday, 23 June 2018

The formula was first inspired by watching all the top riders in the world; Scott Brash, McLain Ward, Alberto Zorzi, Daniel Deusser, Beezie Madden, Ben Maher... the list goes on quite a while. I would watch these riders for hours on end on the internet or on t.v and I would try to figure out what they did that made them great because I believe it is much more than owning a good horse. There had to be many other aspects involved, ones that went far deeper than what a typical one hour lesson might cover, some pattern that the majority of riders followed to make it to where they are today.


We watched Alberto Zorzi compete live at the Longines Championships in Cannes, France in 2017.   

One afternoon a couple of years ago, while coaching riders at our property in Northland I suddenly began to put the pieces together and since then I have been building upon a formula that I believe all the top riders to use; hence the name of my website and the name I use to describe my coaching methods. 


For the past two years I have put aside the want to win and get top results, instead, I have been experimenting with different rides, different positions, canters and more, trying to find the perfect formula. All with the intention of building solid foundations to one day take a horse overseas and compete on the world stage.


Just a couple of months ago I think I finally got the ride. Of course, it still needs to be refined and aspects strengthened but I have progressed from not understanding why a mistake has happened while jumping, to now being able to unravel it back to an aspect of the formula that I didn't quite follow correctly. This has made fixing my mistakes considerably easier and it means I am progressing faster than ever before. The same goes for the riders I coach. The results have been incredible. It also does amazing things for the confidence of horse and rider, something I believe we all strive for. If a horse's job is easy, a riders job is easy and the sport becomes so much more enjoyable and much less frustrating and disappointing! 


The formula I ride and train with involves rider position, how to ride corners and strides, how to find the 'perfect' distance (by the way there is no such thing but more about that later), basic schooling to help a horse use their bodies correctly, how to ride broken lines, related lines, combinations, different style jumps, transitions, exercise regimes and more, that cover the technical side of aspects of jumping and competing. 


In my coming articles, I break down many complex jumping techniques in easy to understand ways - delving into what happens beneath the horse's skin while approaching, jumping in the air and landing, how our positions affect the horses bodies and so much more. I will also be sharing with you all my secrets to buying a good horse; how I look for certain attributes in their natures, their shoulder angles, body shapes... the list goes on.


As a rule of thumb, only about 15% of the riders in New Zealand (from watching and studying over the years) ride this formula. And the majority of that 15% are all at the top level. I truly believe this method of teaching and concepts will open your eyes to a whole new level of training and riding and your horse's performance will be so much better because of it. I can't wait to share it all with you!





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